Common Building Defects & How To Avoid Them

Building defects can appear in all homes, whether 100 years old or brand new. Only a professional building inspection will identify all potential problems in a property; an essential step to take before you commit to purchase. However, knowing what to look for is helpful, so when you go for that first viewing you will have at least some idea of the condition of the property.

Common Building Defects

Just because the property you are thinking about purchasing is newly built, doesn’t mean the quality of the construction is good. New homes are notorious for defects and a building inspection is just as important as it is in an older home. Here are some of the most common building defects and how to spot them.

  • Damp and Moisture

Damp is a generalised term that can cause a multitude of problems. Rising damp is more of a problem in older brick and stone homes that haven’t been treated with a damp proofing course. Rising damp causes smells, peeling paint and staining on the walls. Damp and moisture can also cause timber rot, cracking in walls and movement.

  • Timber Rot

Timber rot is common in decks, fascias, trims and verandas. If you notice spongy or soft timber that tears into shreds, timber rot has likely set in.

  • Plumbing, Gutters and Roofing

Damaged roofing, blocked gutters and plumbing leaks will create moisture problems and leave your home susceptible to flooding. Both problems are costly to rectify, so it is important to understand the extent of any issues before settlement.

  • Electrical

Faulty wiring and outdated switchboards are a safety hazard and can cause house fires. New homes have to comply with current electrical regulations, so these issues are usually found in older properties.

Building Reports in Hobart

If you are thinking about purchasing property in Hobart, you can rely on Access Building Inspections to provide a comprehensive assessment of your property. Some of the inspections and reports we offer include:

  • Building Reports
  • Pre Purchase Building Inspections
  • New Home Inspections
  • Thermal Imaging Building Inspections

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