With social distancing likely to be the new norm for quite some time, many industries need to find new ways of working. While building inspections are often a solitary activity, there are occasions where other people will be on site. To minimise the spread of the coronavirus in the United States, some types of building inspections are now being conducted via video link. 

Keeping Staff Healthy 

To minimise risk to staff and the wider community, workplaces are having to come up with creative ideas to keep services running yet not have too many people in the one place at the same time. Building departments in Connecticut have introduced staggered shifts and adopted technologies like Zoom to keep inspections going.

“I just got off a Zoom meeting with the engineer, deputy town engineer, wetlands agent and a person who just bought a property in the town center and wanted to show us a concept plan. We were able to share our screens and look at everything that we needed to help evaluate the site.”

The idea is that contractors can go into a building, take a video of the relevant areas and an inspector can then review it. 

Remote Video Building Inspections In Florida

Down in Florida, a similar program has been launched to limit the spread of the coronavirus.  Live remote video building inspections are taking place using apps like FaceTime and Zoom to limit exposure for inspectors, contractors and residents

“The inspectors will remotely view the job site using a webcam controlled by the owner or contractor and request they point the camera at pertinent parts of the installation and take measurements the inspector would have performed in-person.”

Not all building inspections can be conducted via video but with COVID-19 likely to limit our interactions with others for the foreseeable future, we will all need to learn to adapt and make use of available technology.