Building Reports: Hobart & Huon Valley

Before purchasing a property, it is highly recommended that you obtain a building report. Many homebuyers are put off by the cost of a building inspection, but when you compare it against the financial investment of buying a home, the cost is relatively minor. Especially, if you consider that a thorough building report will give you all the information you need to continue with your purchase or re-negotiate on price.

What Areas Of The Property Are Inspected?

The purpose of a building report is to identify any major defects at a property, so a thorough visual inspection is necessary. Provided access is available, most building inspections we conduct will take in the following areas.

  • Exterior Of The Property (all areas including walls, stairs, balconies, decks, concrete floors and balustrades)
  • Interior Of The Property (all areas including ceilings, floors, windows, walls, laundries, kitchens and bathrooms)
  • Exterior Roof (including guttering and downpipes)
  • Interior Roof (insulation and party walls)
  • Other Structures (sheds, garages and carports)
  • Sub-floor Space (ventilation, drainage and damp)

Generally speaking, building reports don’t comment on compliance with building codes or council regulations.

What Does A Building Inspection Include?

We use a combination of moisture metres, thermal imaging cameras and scopes to conduct our building inspections and report on:

  • Major Defects – These defects must be rectified in order to make the property safe and prevent further damage
  • Minor Defects – Mainly cosmetic, these defects are localized and generally won’t cause further damage
  • Safety Hazards – Problems that endanger property and/or person

How To Choose A Building Surveyor in Hobart

Cheapest is not always best, so before engaging the services of a building inspector, ensure they are licensed and experienced. Access Building Inspections has over thirty years of experience in the industry and is a certified building inspector All our reports comply with Australian Standard AS 4349.1-2007. Contact us today to organise your Hobart building inspection.

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Need A Comprehensive Building Report in Hobart?

Access Building Inspections conduct detailed property surveys in Hobart, Huon Valley and the Channel areas. Fast, reliable service for your peace of mind.