Hobart Pre Purchase Building Inspections

If you are planning on purchasing a property in Hobart or Southern Tasmania, you need a pre-purchase building inspection. Buying a house or an apartment is a big financial commitment and you need to make sure that you are spending your money wisely. More often than not, problems with a property aren’t obvious. The only way to discover the presence, and the extent of, any potential issues is with the help of a professional building inspector. A pre-purchase building inspection will give you both peace of mind and help you make a better investment ensuring the building inspection report cost is well worth it.

Our Pre Purchase Building Inspection Checklist

Access Building Inspections will conduct a thorough inspection of the property you wish to purchase. This includes the inside of the property, the exterior and surrounding structures. Specifically:
  • Interiors (walls, ceilings and floors)
  • Exteriors (decks, patios, stairs, balconies and balustrades)
  • Roof (exterior structure and roof space, framing and walls)
  • Sub-floor space (supports, floor, drainage and structural drainage)
  • Property surrounds (carports, garden sheds, detached laundries, retaining walls, stormwater drainage and other landscaping)
Any major defects will be detailed (including images) and discussed with you so you have a clear understanding of the property’s condition. We also offer solutions and can help with tradespeople at your request. Book a pre purchase building inspection.
pre purchase building inspection
pre purchase inspection

Need A Pre Purchase Building Inspection in Hobart?

Access Building Inspections in Hobart can help you avoid making a huge financial mistake with our comprehensive pre purchase building inspection service.