What Is A Building Practitioner?

As an accredited building practitioner, our company owner carries out all our building inspections. But what exactly is an accredited building practitioner? A building practitioner can be defined as a person of one of the following categories:

  • A designer who is responsible for the documentation, certification and/or inspection of building work and/or plumbing.
  • A building surveyor who is responsible for document assessment, certification or inspection of building work or buildings
  • A builder who is responsible for the certification and management of building work.

Benefits of Being a Building Practitioner

Just some of the benefits of registering as a building practitioner include:

  • Ability to take on larger jobs.
  • Brings legitimacy to you business.
  • Highlights your skills and qualifications.
  • Providing clients with peace of mind.

Hobart Building Inspections 

If you are looking for an accredited building practitioner in Hobart, get in touch with Access Building Inspections. We offer a range of services to make purchasing property in Hobart easier.